Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Church's One Foundation

It's remarkable to think that we are nearly finished with Peru Camp 2012.

The third day of camp was excellent. At crafts, each child made a picture frame for the group picture they will receive at the end of the week. Sports is dominated by soccer and volleyball, but today we mixed it up (and succeeded in getting the kids out of the sun for a bit) by stopping each group for a dance lesson. Not surprisingly, the pool is annual favorite of our campers, and "Super Fun Games" was a blast - complete with street hockey, and trampoline, and a giant inflatable slide. We saw lots of mustaches coming from face painting. Maybe they were pretending to be secret agents in disguise at archery....

Each group also stopped for a bible lesson from the book of Daniel. Today we saw God's grace to Nebuchadnezzar (which is even more difficult to say in Spanish - Nabucodonosor). God showed grace that rescued the king from pride and led to repentance. At our large group meeting, Frankie Daniell from IPC Savannah clearly shared the gospel in teaching the kids about repentance and faith.

We have settled down after a delicious meal and uproarious fellowship at Stuart and Meg Mills' house, and look forward with a little sadness towards the last day at camp.

The highlight of the day was spending time with our bus driver, Pedro. He must have caught on that we are a very musical group, because today when we loaded onto Bob the Bus, Pedro began belting out hymns with a powerfully beautiful voice. As we sang in English, his voice soared over ours in Spanish.

It is breathtaking to see in other parts of the Body of Christ the uniquely crafted image of God.

"Elect from every nation, yet one over all the earth
Her charter of salvation, One Lord, one faith, one birth" Samuel Stone

In Christ Alone,


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  1. Reading these makes me wish I was there with you guys! I'm so glad everything is going great!